Why is my android running slow and fast heat, Get the Solution Here!

my android running slow and fast heat
Why is my android running slow and fast heat, Get the Solution Here! - Many of the factors that could make Android simple heat, sometimes the heat was excessive. It is something that is common for smartphone users, because it could be considered depending on how the user usage. if the phone is in use to browse, watch tv online, play games in a long time, so do not be surprised if Android used to experience excessive heat.

I will discuss some tips on how to do so that the phone you are using is not easy to heat. But before knowing the cause and solution heat faster smartphones, we must know the cause of android phone daluhu heat quickly so that we can find a solution.

Causes of Fast Heat Android Smartphone

1. Excessive Performance

The main cause of heat fast Android smartphone due to the performance of a smartphone very excessive. If we force the android work hard to run applications that are quite heavy, making certain that the gadget heat faster, especially if processors with lower specifications.

2. Damage On Battery

A common problem occurs because of damage to the battery such as swollen, moist, or batteries that have been unsuitable. If such a battery is used, in addition to making fast heat can also cause damage to the hardware. We recommend that if in a sense so, you should immediately replace the batteries were new.

3. Active Background Application

Most of us do not realize that the application is not closed after use, the application is still running, of course, can make Android simple hot. Therefore, it is advisable close the application if it is not used.

4. Using Heat Places

The cause of this one are common, so when using Android in open areas exposed to direct sun then automatically makes the Android phone fast heat.

5. Dust Excessive

Too much dust can cover the channel, so that heat can not exit smoothly. If this is allowed continuously, it is not impossible android will be broken.

6. Signal Problems

Usually this problem in a natural for people who live far away from the city due to lack of supply of the signal from the operator used. With the lack of the signal will force the android seek continuous signals and cause android is hot. So choose the right network in your location.

How To Overcome Android HP Fast Heat

1. Understand Specifications Android

Understand specifications of Android that is being used, will allow us to measure the use of Android so it would not be forced to work excessively.

2. Check Battery Condition

Always check the condition of the battery, if it is felt it is damaged do not use the battery again.

3. Keep the Android Hygiene

Excessive dust is a factor that makes android easy to heat, to clean it regularly. put it in a clean place so that dust does not easily stick.

4. Turn off the internet when the signal is weak

As we discussed earlier, a weak signal will force the performance of android. If necessary, turn off the internet connection at the Andro.

Such tips regarding heat causes rapid smartphone and how to cope with heat faster android phone. And for that, do not ever use and open applications are excessively so Phones owned remain durable. If it is still enforced, surely android often restart when opening and running the application

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