Get Clash of Clans Free Gems - How to Get Free Gems in COC?

How to Get Free Gems in COC? - Difficult to get gems coc (Clash of Clans), we have to work hard and take a long time to be able to collect gems coc. There are ways yaang easiest to get gems coc, but we have to buy in google playstore at a great price. For that I will give you tips to get gems coc free and easy. There are 3 stages which you should do, please try:


The first stage - installation whaff Application :

1. Search in Google PlayStore type WHAFF REWARDS. Download and install WHAFF application on your Android phone.
install WHAFF application
2. Run WHAFF application, then log in using your Facebook and click OK
Run WHAFF application

3. You'll get the first bonus of $0.30 to enter the code CK46374

4. After installation is complete you will be Get some Missions, to download the application given by the whaff. Please complete all missions given by whaff until your balance reaches $12 after that you can trade with Google Play Gift. In order to get 1,200 GEMS for your COC account.
application whaff

5. It's easy, download android applications in the application whaff Rewards provided. Every download of your application will receive prizes as rewards, rewards can be $0.15, $0.20 to $0.60.

6. Every day you will get a reward if after downloading the application, you do not uninstall.

7. Invite your friends to join WHAFF. By inviting friends to WHAFF, you and your friends will get $0.30 rewards from WHAFF. Since you already have $0.30 (the one that you get when you entered CK46374 in the invitation code earlier) in your WHAFFaccount, you need to invite 29 FRIENDS ONLY to collect $12 which supposed to be easy since there are more than 100 contacts in your phonebook right?

Step two - Withdrawal Dollar to Google Wallet :

If your balance has reached $12 or more, you can make withdrawals to Google Play Gift Card (Google Wallet) or PayPal.
1. Open and run whaff, and slide to the left, click on the "Payout".
Payout Whaff
2. Next, select the "Google Play Gift Card" as a method of making dollars.
Google Play Gift Card

3. You can select the amount of the balance to be retrieved. As an example I would like to withdraw $12 in Google Play Gift Card. If so, click the button Request.
withdraw in Google Play Gift Card
4. Then, wait for about 1-3 hours, even all day or more to get a reply in the form Redeem Code. You can see it at the Reward History> Check Gift Codes.
Reward History> Check Gift Codes

The third stage - Doing Purchasing Gems on Clash of Clans :

1. Open and run the Clash of Clans
2. Go to the Shop and select the game that cost roughly fit with your Wallet Balance.
COC Free Gems

Bag of Gems COC

3. Success! Now you've got Gems for free
Get Free Gems COC

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